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Series Introduction

Video 1: "A Day in the Life"

Video 1 - "A Day in the Life" discussion questions

Video 2: "Joys & Challenges"

Video 2 - "Joys and Challenges" discussion questions

Video 3: "A Future with Hope"

Video 3 - "A Future with Hope" discussion questions

Transcript of illustrative stories in video 3 "A Future with Hope"

Video 3 - "A Future with Hope" each of our panelists read a story about a clergy situation in a local congregation. These four scenarios, while not representing specific persons or churches, were developed from the experiences of Kansas pastors, as discussed in focus groups and through multiple individual conversations. The transcript covers the tales of Pastor Absent A Lot, Pastor Nada Vailable, Pastor Atmy Witsend, and Pastor Lil Short. The transcript is in pdf format.

Transcript of stories in Video 3 - "A Future with Hope"