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Designed particularly for viewing and discussion during United Methodist Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC) meetings, this three-part series seeks to illustrate some of the unique issues clergy face in maintaining and improving their well-being - physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual - and to encourage local churches and pastors to engage in a new, shared ministry of health benefitting the congregation and the body of the church as a whole.

Creating a culture of health in the local congregation which reaches its pastors and other staff members is not likely to be accidental. It cannot happen through new rules imposed by the annual conference health plan or district superintendents. Although the personal responsibility of clergy, like any of us, is an essential element for real health, the best self-discipline and health practices will often achieve little if the environment is not supportive of our health.

This resource was developed by the Kansas Area Health & Wellness Committee following focus groups and interviews, conducted with clergy and SPPRC members, which revealed real opportunities to improve clergy health at the local congregational level. Through that dialogue, it became clear that some pastors and congregations are doing a good job of creating the conditions for health to prosper. This video series holds out the hope that we can all learn from those who are doing it well.

Using this training resource

Use the links above to view the videos online, order a DVD, download copies of the discussion questions, and read transcripts of the illustrative stories in segment three.

To use this video series, first view one of the three video segments, then use the provided discussion questions (included in the DVD case or available online here) for that segment as a starting point for reflection and dialogue. The questions are intended to help each group apply the material directly to its own situations and experiences. If you would like a physical copy of the DVD, please use this order form to request one for your congregation.

About the Committee

Health and Wellness Committee LogoThe Area Health & Wellness Committee promotes comprehensive health of body, mind, and spirit for individuals, congregations, and the Great Plains United Methodist Conference. Its projects have included this training series, Health & Wellness bulletin inserts, the Clergy Wellness Project, Health & Wellness Liaison promotion, the Kanaska Walk Challenge, and much more. Visit the Health & Wellness section of the Great Plains United Methodist Conference website to learn more.